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Hi I’m Jason Stephens.

I’m a professional voice artist with over a decade of experience providing voice over for television, radio, film, web, animation, and corporate presentations. I specialize in providing a vast range of tones, styles, and vocal affectations.

I’ve provided voice over services for The Tonight Show (providing parody voices of Morgan Freeman and Barack Obama), NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Warner Bros., The History Channel, Discovery ID, The WWE, and Cisco. I provide voice matching for dozens of actors for use in film trailers and movie marketing, as well as promo style “movie trailer guy” voice-overs.

My turnaround time is quick and I’m easy to work with. If you have a need for what I can do, I’d love to hear from you.

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Parody Film Narration

Apr 23 2021

Of all the voice acting projects I work on, some of my favorites are parody films and shorts. Parody film narration, like Hard Knocks: NFL Mascots Edition, which I voiced for NFL Films in the style…

Parody Film Narration

Walken and Trump Impressions for Buzzfeed

Apr 12 2021

Aria Inthavong, a journalist and streamer working for Buzzfeed, recently contacted Jason’s Voices in search of Walken and Trump impressions for Buzzfeed Unsolved Network. Aria was recently the target of internet scammers, but they didn’t…

Walken and Trump Impressions for Buzzfeed

Character Voice Overs and Automated Dialogue Replacement

Jul 13 2020

Character Voice Overs and ADR Since 2010, I’ve provided dozens of character voice overs and automated dialogue replacement (ADR) for movie trailers, short films, and other projects. Some are cameos, narrators, and a few have…

Character Voice Overs and Automated Dialogue Replacement

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