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Studio Specs

I work from a custom built, professional recording studio and sound suppression booth in my home.  Both my studio and  booth feature multiple layers of sheet-rock, and further treated with Green Glue acoustic adhesive and sealant.  The drywall is hung with isolation clips to minimize sound transfer.  The walls of the studio and booth are insulated with denim (sound dampening) insulation, and features a single Soundproof Window, as well as Auralex acoustic tiles and bass traps as acoustic treatments in both the studio and booth.  The recording booth’s room tone features a noise floor of -60db, as per audio engineer George Whittam’s measurements.

My go-to mic is the Neumann u87.  For livestreaming and recording my vlog, I use a Sennheiser MK4 large diaphragm condenser mic (which was my favorite mic before I acquired the Neumann). I’ve also utilized an Electrovoice RE20 with a Cloudlifter to increase gain.  I use a Universal Audio Apollo Twin as my audio interface and virtual processing equipment, with presets created by audio engineer George Whittam.  I can patch virtually to any studio using Source Connect, or I can patch you into my booth via Zoom. My production software of choice is Adobe Audition.  I typically send audio files through Dropbox, and maintain those files in archive for a minimum of six months.

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