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Celebrity Soundalike Messages for Personal Use – $35 USD

If you’ve always wanted to have a celebrity record your voicemail greeting, deliver a toast, wake you as an alarm, or offer warm birthday wishes – here’s your chance!

I’m a professional impressionist and voice actor with over a decade of experience, and in exchange for $35.00 USD, I’ll record a thirty second celebrity soundalike message for your personal use in one of my selected celebrity impressions.

They’re all listed in my Soundcloud playlist below, along with samples of each. On the 2nd page of the contact form, you’ll select the one you want from the dropdown menu and will be asked to enter payment information via secure online commerce platform Stripe.

Celebrity Soundalike Voicemail Greetings FAQ

If you’re interested in a voicemail greeting, phone tree, or auto-attendant recording for a business – would like to pay with another method, or if you have another project in mind – please contact me here.

Still have questions or just want to get in touch? Shoot me an email at

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