Celebrity Soundalike Voicemail Greetings

Oct 31 2022

While a lot of customer communication occurs online or by email, your company still needs effective and clear messaging if you’re to cater to consumers who need to reach you by phone. One of the ways I can help your business is by providing phone system messaging in a natural and professional style as well as providing entertaining cameo appearances in the form of celebrity soundalike voicemail greetings.

Some call them impressions or impersonations, but I prefer to think of them as evocations. These vocal performances are reminiscent of, or inspired by, a character or celebrity. The goal is not to deceive as much as it’s to entertain*. Using this approach can capture and hold the attention of a caller. I can produce dozens of such cameos, but here are six popular style samples:

Sam Elliott


Patrick Stewart


David Attenborough


Morgan Freeman


Matthew McConaughey


Jeff Goldblum


I can provide basic voicemail greetings, auto-attendants, on-hold messages, phone trees or directories, and individual or custom greetings.

I’ve been producing professional phone system messaging for over 15 years for companies of all sizes. My rates are accessible to individuals and independent agents or contractors, as well as small businesses with limited resources. Thanks to advances in technology, most modern phone systems are digitized and allow for the uploading of audio (as .mp3, .wav, .aif and other common file types) with minimal time and effort on behalf of the business owner or employee.

*No endorsement can be stated or implied. Consult with a legal expert or attorney familiar with likeness rights if you have questions or concerns regarding celebrity soundalike usage.

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