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Frequently Asked Questions

“How does this work?”

Before you purchase a celebrity soundalike voicemail greeting, it can be helpful to understand the process and the limitations you might encounter.

  1. You submit a voicemail script and pay for the audio recording.
  2. I contact you at the email address you’ve entered to confirm your script and make sure I’ve got everything I need to produce your voicemail greeting.
  3. I record and email you the audio file (.mp3) containing your voicemail greeting.
  4. You upload* or record that audio into your phone’s voicemail system.

*Most mobile service providers do not allow you to simply upload an audio file directly for use as a voicemail greeting. Some VoIP providers do allow this, and some make it very easy. Consult with your provider if you have further questions.

“I’ve got the audio file. How do I get it into my phone and make it my voicemail greeting?”

If your service provider allows for uploading and selecting an audio file as your voicemail greeting, you’re in luck! For some VoIP providers, this is an excellent option. However, I do not maintain a list of providers who do or don’t allow it.

Most mobile service providers do not allow you to upload and select a custom audio file as a voicemail greeting. A vast majority of my clients simply record the custom greeting into their voicemail system by playing the audio recording through their computer speakers while recording it using their mobile phone.

“So, I have to hold my phone up to a speaker and play the custom voicemail greeting into my phone’s microphone to get it to work?”

Yes, probably.

The quality of your playback speakers, the distance of the speaker from your phone, and the quality of your phone’s microphone can impact the audio quality of the message as your callers hear it. You may need to try more than once to get the right distance and volume for the best quality results.

As ridiculous as it sounds, it is the method used by a vast majority of my clients using the most popular mobile service providers. Because of the compression used by carriers, the audio quality of any voicemail greeting will be diminished from the initial recording.

“My phone provider allows for uploading an audio file as a voicemail. Can I have you upload the audio file for me?”

Due to the potential liability concerns, it’s my policy to not interact with clients’ voicemail systems directly. Check your documentation or contact your service provider for instructions.

“I want to have you record a bunch of these. Is there a bulk discount?”

I’m always open to discuss things like this. You’ll want to simply email me about it.

“Can I use this for my business or company?”

My pricing is based on these voicemail greetings being for “personal use” and not “commercial use”. A personal use may include the name of a business (example: “You’ve reached Jim with Smith Plumbing. Leave him a message and he’ll return your call”) but it’s not presented from the business’ perspective.

My rates for a business or company voicemail greetings, auto-attendant recordings, or phone trees are still very reasonable. I recommend you email me so we can discuss.

“Can you my voicemail greeting in a voice which isn’t listed in the dropdown menu?”

Yes, and no.

The automated nature of the form and my expertise with the noted voices allow me to provide certain celebrity soundalikes at $25.00 per voicemail. If you’re interested in something else, the cost may be higher. Please email me to discuss.

“My service provider says I need the files delivered as a .wav or in other format, bitrate, etc.  Is that a problem?”

Provided my software allows me to make the suggested changes, I will accommodate your request at no additional charge.  For larger file formats, like .wav, I will utilize a file sharing website of my choice.  For special file requirements there may be a fee to cover additional time spent to fulfill the request.

Ready to get started?

I maintain studio and recording hours Monday through Friday from 10am through 5pm CST (with evening or weekend hours available, as projects and turnaround dictate). Email inquiries and correspondence are typically returned within 24 hours. Should your inquiry warrant, it will be shared upon reply with my representation at Jason Marks Talent Management for confirming further details.

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