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Title HotdogHans 4: Starring Birk Ruud and Hotdog Hans

Hotdog Hans 4

One of my favorite collaborations over the last few years has been Hotdog Hans. And I’m thrilled to share that a brand new sequel is out now, featuring another Olympic champion – Norway’s Birk Ruud.

The level of freestyle skill showcased in Hotdog Hans 4 is amazing, and the cinematography is incredible. It’s the best one yet!

Aspen’s Vital Films, special make-up effects artist Todd Debrecini of BackPorchFX, and pro freestyle skiier Alex Ferreira continue to create amazing work together – and I’m honored to play a role in that work.

With Alex’s recent gold medal Superpipe win in Aspen, the Hotdog has dropped another juicy trailer. This time, Hans is headed to Norway.