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Dungeons & Dragons Podcast – Rated RPG

Welcome to the Valley of Green Gold

In addition to being a professional voice artist, I’ve also been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons for over thirty years. Back in 1992, when I was going to “college” for radio broadcasting, I made some awesome friends who introduced me to D&D, and from my very first game, I was hooked!

For the uninitiated, imagine starring in your own fantasy movie, as a character you created – joining your friend’s characters on an adventure, making creative choices and rolling dice to impact the story. For a nerd like me, it was exactly the sort of collaborative escapism I wanted, and I built some amazing friendships around the game.

Over the decades since, fantasy role playing games have become quite popular. And in the last decade, countless D&D livestreams and podcasts have brought adventures to life for fans around the world. In that span of time, I honed my skills as a professional voice artist and storyteller. Knowing how to convey emotion, create and portray unique characters, and (most importantly) edit audio, has led my professional aspirations and favorite hobbies to converge.

In January of 2023, I began producing a podcast called Rated RPG – The Valley of Green Gold.
I play the role of narrator, Dungeon Master, writer, producer, and editor. My friends play four distinct characters, each with their own unique skills, personalities, abilities and goals. We’re all professional performers (content creation, stand-up comedy, improv comedy, music) and we each have decades of experience. We pride ourselves on being entertaining, but what sets this podcast apart from many others, is that it’s crafted like an audiobook, and tells an immersive story with really amazing characters. The Valley of Green Gold is a mysterious island with a lot of secrets – and if fantasy fiction is your thing, I recommend you check it out.

We just reached 73,000 downloads across almost 40 episodes so far, with approximately 10 episodes to go.