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Dungeons & Dragons Podcast – Rated RPG

Welcome to the Valley of Green Gold In addition to being a professional voice artist, I’ve also been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons for…

The Doctor Moley Show

The Doctor Moley Show

Aug 28 2018

In addition to being a voice artist, I’ve always loved creating goofy stuff.  Many years ago, while doing bits with my friends, I stumbled upon…

John Coffey Refuses to Save the World

A while back, I received an email from a man named Al Letson.  Al had written a stage play entitled, John Coffey Refuses to Save…

The Habitat Podcast

The Habitat Podcast

Apr 27 2018

Thank you to Gimlet Media for the opportunity to be a small part of their new show, The Habitat Podcast .  The Habitat, created and…

Episode Seven: Horse Meat, Owls and Funerals

Aaron Yonda, Sean Moore and Matt Sloan join Jason to discuss the recent spate of horse meat contamination, reasons that owls make bad pets and…

Episode Six: Diabetes, Circumcision and Cruises

Aaron Yonda, Brad Knight and Jason’s wife Chris join the show to discuss gestational diabetes, circumcision and cruise ship vacations.

Episode Five: Valentine’s Day in Prison, Nudists, and Carnies

Aaron Yonda, Matt Sloan and Brad Knight join Jason to discuss Valentine’s Day for various people, experienced (and inexperienced) nudists, and the private lives of…

Episode Four: Facebook, McDonalds and the ASPCA

Aaron Yonda, Casem AbuLughod and Vanessa Tortolano join Jason to discuss Facebook for the dead, McDonald’s new menu item and the ASPCA.

Episode Three: Old People, Spanking and Nuts

Aaron Yonda, Sean Moore and Matt Sloan join Jason to discuss old people, spanking and nuts.  Special guest appearance by Toby Keith!

Episode Two: Jason Screwed Up & Fix the Commercial

Jason experiences technical issues in this episode, so it’s a shorter podcast than usual.  Thankfully, it’s not short on entertainment, as “Fix the Commercial” (a…

Episode One: Django, Miss Iowa, Armstrong and Kale

Jason sits down with Aaron Yonda, Sean Moore and John Steeno to discuss Django Unchained, Miss Iowa’s war on drugs, Lance Armstrong’s war on drugs…