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The Doctor Moley Show

In addition to being a voice artist, I’ve always loved creating goofy stuff.  Many years ago, while doing bits with my friends, I stumbled upon a character named Doctor Moley.  He appeared in a few episodes of the Blame Society Films series Fun Rangers.  The gist is that he’s an eccentric “doctor” of questionable legitimacy, and he is fond of handing out pharmaceuticals.  The character made a few spin-off videos on his own, but in recent years, he’s only popped up on rare occasions during my appearances on Beer & Board Games.

While he was never a character of much depth, it made me happy to know that some fans really enjoyed him.  I thought about bringing him back a time or two for more of his one-off “advice” videos, but limited time kept me from actually doing it.  Last night, I realized that I wanted to give him one more shot.  But this time, I’m going to stay in my wheelhouse, sticking with audio-only, and give him a radio show… Or podcast, if you want to frame it that way.

It isn’t a voice over demo, per se, but all the voices within the Doctor Moley Show are produced by me – from the “announcer” to guests, and of course, Doctor Moley.

You’ll find all episodes of The Doctor Moley Show posted here, with new episodes planned for release each Thursday afternoon.  Just in time for your drive home from work.

The Doctor Moley Show – Episode 2 (August 30th, 2018)


The Doctor Moley Show – Episode 1 (August 23rd, 2018)