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Voice Actor Collaboration

As a voice artist, I want to make the most of every collaboration.  I respect and admire talent and creativity in writing, direction, and audio production.  I’ve spent time swimming in those waters, so my understanding of what needs to happen on my end is pretty well-informed.  Voice actor collaboration is a good way to describe what I bring to every project.  I record in a professionally-tuned, custom home studio.  I have a wide vocal range for tone and style, and can match well over 50 celebrity and character voices.  My turnaround time is fast, typically from immediate turnaround (as the need exists) to about 48 hours.  Those are great traits, but what sets me apart from many voice actors is that I want to work with you to make your work shine.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

A good example of voice actor collaboration is my work with the company Roger for the History Channel.  It began as an audition to voice animated characters within the finished promo, and after seeing storyboards, I I provided some character voice ranges.  Direction on the session was fantastic, and we worked together to adjust characters and provide multiple options.  At this point, I’m aware that multiple voice actors are providing their takes for multiple characters in the piece – so I know to adjust my reads to avoid replicating the same sound.  I really enjoyed the whole process, and after seeing the finished piece, I was thrilled to have been a part of it.

That’s not to say I need direction or supervision on voice over projects.  I often record with very little direction.  Some projects are written and produced in recognizable ways.  For instance, A car dealership’s radio commercials, may have a familiar flavor.  You can trust me to confirm those flavors first, but you won’t need to hold my hand.  And when you want to work directly with your voice actor to execute your vision the way it was intended, I’m all-in.

Contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling today!