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Obama Soundalike Guided Meditation

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the US in the last month, we’ve all been under a tremendous amount of stress. The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of us without reliable income. Many of us are staying home, isolated and removed from the people and activities that bring us joy. We’re seeing first hand accounts from doctors and nurses on the front lines in New York and Los Angeles, and we’re frightened.

And yet, we’re the lucky ones. Unless drastic steps are taken and adhered to, we’ll soon see hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases here in the US, and the coming weeks will undoubtedly test our mental and physical well being. I’m afraid for the people I love, I’m sad for what we’ve all lost and what we may lose. I wanted to do something that might help.

While I’m nowhere near an expert, I’ve found meditation to be highly beneficial to me during times of stress. And out of all my impressions, there was one voice that many people said they would find reassuring in a crisis. So, I wrote and produced an 8 minute long Barack Obama soundalike guided meditation. You can listen to it with the embedded player below, but if you prefer to have an .mp3 copy stored on your device, I’d be happy to send it to you free of charge. Just email me: