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Mask Documentary Narration

While some voice over projects have shifted a bit due to the pandemic (film trailer ADR for example), other types of projects are taking off. E-learning and online training video narration, personal videos and phone system messaging are all continuing onward. One recent project I wanted to share is one which feels pretty appropriate, given the widespread use of masks to prevent the spread of Corona virus. It’s a documentary for the Second Face Museum of Cultural Masks. It’s the only fully-online ethnographic mask museum of worldwide scope, boasting a total of nearly 700 masks from throughout the world. One of the museum’s most important missions is public education. On their website, a growing series of over a dozen documentary videos are free to view and learn about the cultural importance of masks throughout human history.

The video below, entitled Halloween: An American Tradition of Masquerade is their latest offering and features my narration, in a style appropriate for the subject matter and tone of this wonderful and educational piece.

If you have a project which requires a specific characterization or tone, I’d love to discuss it with you. Contact me to get started.