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Character Voice Overs and Automated Dialogue Replacement

Character Voice Overs and ADR

Since 2010, I’ve provided dozens of character voice overs and automated dialogue replacement (ADR) for movie trailers, short films, and other projects. Some are cameos, narrators, and a few have been main characters in the stories being told.

Recently, I was fortunate to once again work with Dustin Hawkins and his team at Retro Hawk Productions in their new Star Wars fan-film Escape – A Fantasy Tale. Previously, I provided character voice overs and ADR for their Marvel fan-film Rare BreedThis time around, I tackled a voice familiar to Star Wars fans, that of a Clone Trooper. The film is a fantastic example of a talented cast and filmmakers bringing a story to life!

If you’re an independent film maker looking for a professional voice actor, skilled impressionist, narrator, or character voice for your next project, contact me today and let’s discuss your project!