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The Moon

About a year ago, I was contacted by Sorrento Productions writer/director Danny Turkiewicz. He was casting a character for his political satire short film, The Moon. After a quick email discussion, and some sample audio, I was cast as Abreiventit. I patched Danny and his production team in remotely from my studio, and after working through the script a bit, we had it. I love working with great direction, and Danny was outstanding. One of the best professionals I’ve ever worked with.

My opinion may be a bit biased because I’m in the film, but I thoroughly love The Moon. The writing and editing is excellent, the shots are brilliant, the music is phenomenal… It is superb satire that made me laugh. And we all need a bit more laughter lately. I encourage you to follow the link to check out The Moon on Vimeo.

I produce a lot of ADR and specialized voice matching for movie trailers, short films, and other artistic endeavors. If you’re in need of character audio for your next project, contact me to discuss it!