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David Attenborough Parody Narration

In November of 2019, I had the opportunity to provide a Morgan Freeman parody narration for a cross-cultural comedy platform called Mamahuhu. Their story is pretty amazing. Two Scottish brothers and their friends (based in Shanghai, China) create comedy sketches, music videos, documentaries, and a podcast. Their production values, the writing, the acting… all incredibly professional.  And to make live-action content like they do on a regular basis is no simple task. With the recent outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus and the massive scale of life-changing quarantines, Mamahuhu put their storytelling skills to work to share a compelling, entertaining, and quite humorous new video featuring my David Attenborough parody narration.

It’s another example of the creativity and professionalism I’m fortunate to be a part of every day.  Give them a look, watch their stuff, and buy some of their merch.  They’re doing fantastic work.

And if you have a project that could use some stylized parody narration, I’d love to chat.  Contact me to discuss!