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Industrial Video Narration

If you’re producing an industrial or corporate video, the right voice can maximize your impact. I’ve provided industrial video narration, and voice over for employee training, business to business marketing, and consumer instruction for over fifteen years. I’ve worked with production companies and end-clients alike in that time.

I pride myself on my expansive vocal range and I have a great ear for matching tones and styles. I’ve provided ADR (voice matching) for dozens of actors’ voices for official film trailers, and that skill comes into play when finding the right vocal approach for any video narration. The idea is to stand out in the right way, to the right audience. Here’s a large assortment of my celebrity-inspired voice samples.

As an example, let’s say you’re producing a video that highlights a new industrial process. You’ve given some thought to how you’d like the narration to sound, and you keep coming back to a couple of different actors or maybe a character in a film. My process might be to emulate just enough of the tone and cadence of those voices that the voice over is reminiscent of – without being confused for – that voice. I’d send you a short sample read in that style, and we’d discuss how that landed compared to what you have in mind. I can typically adjust my approach after a bit of emailed direction. I’ll send a second sample if needed, and once the voice has been approved, I would record and deliver to meet your technical specifications.

Here’s a piece I recently voiced for Fenix Marine Services and Savant X. The client told me where the piece was intended to be shown and the audiences it was intended for, and we discussed vocal styles. After a couple of emails and a sample recording, we landed on a narration which is reminiscent of Bryan Cranston (and specifically, the approach he takes to documentary narration). Coincidentally, this style is very close to my natural voice.

I’m also aware that the audience matters. A video to be shown at an industry event has a different audience than something being posted on social media for public consumption. I consider the usage of a piece to help arrive at a cost quote, but also use that information to help determine the pacing and style of my voice over. A video being used in a business to business pitch meeting requires a different approach than an internal corporate training piece.

If you’re on the search for a professional voice artist to narrate your next video, I would be honored for the chance to provide an audition and to discuss the project.