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Day 76 – Henry Winkler Issues a Tornado Warning

Originally, I had slated Robin Williams for today’s voice, but after some pretty solid efforts in the studio, I wasn’t pleased with where he was landing.  For some reason, Henry Winkler popped into my head, so I gave him a shot.  And so, today’s episode features my Henry Winkler impression (an impression which I think I can totally improve upon).  He’s one of my favorite actors, not because he was The Fonz, but because he overcame the challenges of undiagnosed dyslexia to follow (and achieve) his dreams.  He has helped thousands of other kids do the same, by giving the world a hero who overcomes learning differences – with his Hank Zipzer children’s book series (with nearly 20 books in the series thus far).

Not to mention, virtually everything he has done in the last 20 years, he’s done with a sense of humor and joy that I feel is probably pretty genuine.

I really do admire Henry Winkler, and I think he seems like a really nice fellow.

Day 76 of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project – Henry Winkler issues a tornado warning.