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Day 77 – Alan Rickman Enters the Wrong Locker Room

Just four days after David Bowie passed away (on January 10th, 2016), the world lost Alan Rickman.  Both men were iconic in their respective arts – and losing both artists had a powerful impact on me.  It was an introspective week.  My Alan Rickman impression has never been what I’d consider a voice match, but rather, a well-meaning impersonation.  I’ve done the voice quite a lot over the last few years.  In web videos, my short-lived podcast, and on stage – but his voice was as difficult to replicate as any I’ve ever attempted.  And since his death, I’ve not really felt right trying.

But, today felt right to give it a shot.  Warning: this may be the dumbest episode yet.

Day 77 – Alan Rickman enters the wrong locker room.  Enjoy.