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Day 78 – Ray Liotta Explains Menstruation

There’s this notion that Dads are selectively inept creatures.  Need a tree chopped down?  Dad can do it.  Want to learn about football?  That’s Dad’s realm.  Questions about your uterus?  OH, SHIT!  That’s not… uh… derpy derp derp derp.  Did I hear a wolverine in the woodpile?  Ask your mother.  Well, at least that was the mentality a few short decades ago.  Thanks to generational progress, the internet, and a heapin’ helpin’ of necessity – Dads can now braid hair, knit scarves, and belch the alphabet (just like MOM).  It’s really amazing, how far the common man has come.  But does the same hold true with Hollywood’s most masculine superstars?  I dug deep into my Ray Liotta impression to find the answers.

Enjoy!  Day 78 of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project:  Ray Liotta explains menstruation.

You can bet I’ll be using this audio to explain things to my kids!