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Celebrity Soundalike

I provide voice over for a wide variety of projects, but one of my strengths is voice matching.  This vocal skill goes by many names: mimicry, impersonation, impression, imitation, evocation, and celebrity soundalike to name a few.  Projects that call for this skill are just as wide ranging.  I’ve recorded birthday messages to dramatic readings of Yelp reviews.  I’ve appeared on EDM albums and introduced award show nominees.  Sometimes, a project is only heard one time, by a handful of people.  Other projects have millions of views on YouTube.  You can see a list of some of my most popular celebrity soundalikes here.

If you’re creating a video or producing audio for any of the following:

  • Birthday party
  • Wedding
  • Bar/bat mitzvah
  • Company meeting
  • Corporate training
  • Corporate event
  • Award show
  • Memorial
  • Speaking engagement
  • Personal creative endeavor
  • Musical performance/recording
  • Or anything else

You may find that having a celebrity soundalike (or stylized voice over) can make a big difference.  A piece that gets attention and keeps an audience’s attention makes for a better event.  Entertainment and education go hand-in-hand.  Better engagement leads to better retention.

Here are some ideas I can execute based on past pairings of celebrity soundalike and events:

  • Morgan Freeman narrates how a couple met for a wedding video
  • Jeff Goldblum asks your party guests strange questions from a remote location (which is a pretty amazing story in and of itself)
  • HBO’s “Hard Knocks” style narration (Liev Schreiber) for a school sports award show narration
  • David Attenborough (BBC nature documentaries) parody for a co-worker’s anniversary/retirement
  • “Voice of God” announcements for award shows, corporate events, company parties, etc…
  • Christopher Walken introduces a band’s live shows
  • Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Matthew McConaughey, etc… recorded birthday greetings
  • Vincent Price narrates your Halloween display, Halloween party, etc…
  • Santa Claus recorded messages for your kids, or “Christmas family letter”, etc…

The only limit is your own creativity!  If you have a project that may benefit from a celebrity soundalike, let’s chat!  Contact me here to get started.