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Halloween Voice Overs

My absolute favorite time of the year is fall, if only for Halloween.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are from this time of year.  Carving pumpkins on newspapers spread over the kitchen floor and trick-or-treating in the small town near our home in the country are two which come to mind.  I’ve been a fan of horror movies as long as I can remember, too.  When I was growing up, the boogeymen in our closets were Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Leatherface.  While that’s not an exhaustive list of horror movie villains, it covers some of my favorites.  I simply LOVE doing Halloween voice overs.

Halloween Voice Over Ideas:

  • You’re putting together a “haunted house” attraction (or just turning your yard/porch/garage into a creepy scene for trick-or-treaters) and you want something said to your guests.
  • Your business is producing a Halloween themed radio or television commercial and you want a professional voice to set the mood and deliver the message.
  • You direct for a school theatrical organization, marching band, or community theater and you’d like a few lines of dialogue in different Halloween themed voices for your October program.
  • You just want a personal voice mail greeting for this time of year (in a creepy/scary character).

While I’m sure I’m missing some ideas, that covers quite a few of the many Halloween voice overs I’ve produced throughout my career.  Not only can I match dozens of voices (many actors from TV and film), but I’m quick to turn projects around and I’m very easy to work with regardless of your level of experience working with voice actors.


Last year, for a local event, I produced a bit of Vincent Price style VO, which was ultimately produced/mixed with a Thrilleresque background theme.

As part of my work providing voice overs for use in for film trailers, I’ve played news casters alerting the community that a scary villain has just escaped from prison.  I’ve provided dire warnings to stay away from that pet cemetary.  And I’ve recorded my share of creepy sounds, noises, and other ghoulish mumblings for use in a wide variety of Halloween situations.

If you have an idea and you just need a great voice to pull it off, just send me a quick email and we’ll get started sorting out the details!