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X-Trails Solar System Self-Guided Tour

Imagine being able to walk to Mars on your lunch break, or take your kids to Saturn to learn about its rings firsthand. Over the last year, I’ve been working with a company called X-Trails to provide voice over for their self-guided walking tours of our solar system and beyond. The new X-Trails Solar System Self-Guided Tour is the result. With ready-to-install interactive displays and their mobile app, X-Trails gives communities, schools, and parks an option for engaging kids and adults alike with active outdoor science education. (Learn more about acquiring the appropriate hardware for trail installation here.)

I enjoyed playing a variety of roles throughout several different audio tours, from a space wizard in the 100 yard “Mission to Mars”, to a goofy stowaway astronaut in the one mile tour of “A Comet’s Journey”. For the one mile “Solar System Experience”, a more natural documentary tone leads users on a journey to the edge of our solar system. You can hear select samples the tours here.

You can download the X-Trails app here for Apple iOS.

If you’re looking for a voice actor or narrator for any self-guided tour audio project, contact me for a price quote and to discuss your project!