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Enderal: Forgotten Stories Character Voice

In August of 2016, SureAI, a group of talented German software modders, released the English version of their insanely popular Skyrim mod, Enderal. This free downloadable add-on gave gamers a massive new playable world, new quests, new characters, and beautiful new locations to explore (provided they already owned Skyrim). It was an award-winning mod, receiving a lot of great reviews and bringing new life to an amazing game which was first released in 2011.

I was fortunate to have voiced a couple of great characters in the 2016 Enderal release, which you can see a bit of here.

Earlier this year, the folks at SureAI completed and released Enderal: Forgotten Stories, another massive collection of new content. I was really excited to get the call to tackle a new character – Qalian/Nailaq. He’s…  complicated. A mysterious fellow who clearly has issues with substance abuse, and is hiding a dark secret. You can check out some highlights of this chap below.