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Enderal nominated for SXSW Gaming Awards

Last year, a small team of developers reached out to me.  SureAI, was working on a non-commercial English version of a game called Enderal.  The developers were looking to create an English version of the game (it was previously a hit in German).  Enderal is a game modification of Bethesda Studios The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimEnderal is free and can be played by anyone owning a legal copy of Skyrim.  

There are tons of fan mods out there.  However, very are ever nominated for gaming awards.  Enderal won Best Fan Creation at the The Game Awards 2016.  And it’s currently nominated for the *Fan Creation of the Year Award at the SXSW Gaming Awards.  You can vote right now, no registration required.  Just head to the SXSW Gaming Awards page, and vote!


*If you’re looking for the Fan Creation of the Year award, it’s about 2/3 of the way down the page (and looks like this).

That’s fine, but why does Jason care?

Full disclosure, I have a dog in this fight.  I voiced two characters in the game.

Here I am as a character named Yrinto.


And a different character, named Yerai.


The reviews of Enderal are pretty good (nice nod to the voice acting).  If you love Skyrim, and you’re looking to embark on a new adventure, then you’re going to love Enderal.  And please vote.  Online votes account for half of the votes cast for the SXSW Gaming Awards.  A jury accounts for the other half (50/50), so your vote counts.