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Traveling Voice Actor

There’s something alluring about packing a satchel, jumping on a plane, and flying across the country for work. (Spoken as someone who doesn’t do it with regularity, of course.)

Most of my work is done at my home studio near Madison, Wisconsin. Some projects, however, require my physical presence, such as emceeing for a live event, providing voice work at a corporate party, or doing narration at NBC Sports studio facility. (You know, like you do sometimes.) This past October and November are great examples of just that kind of offsite voice work I enjoy doing as a traveling voice actor.

The 2018 Pacific Seafood Show (official ice sculpture)

In early October, I worked with Pacific Seafood, emceeing their annual food show in Seattle, Washington. During the evening, I provided a slew of celebrity soundalikes, made announcements and facilitated prize drawings in person throughout the five hour event. I planned and scripted out the bits, making notes of the client’s needs, as well as dealing with variables as they occurred. It’s on projects like this one which my nearly 20 years of improvisation experience is really valuable.

The City By the Bay

Later in October, I flew to San Francisco to work with Twilio at their Signal 2018 and $BASH event. In particular, I hosted an experiential “confessional” room called The Secret, in which attendees were asked questions about their experiences at Signal – and $BASH – by a disembodied voice (mine) which sounded uncannily like Jeff Goldblum. Top billing went to $BASH headliners OK GO, who put on an amazing show.

OK GO, performing at Twilio’s $BASH party, as part of Signal 2018.

Earlier this year, I provided narration for the IRONMAN triathlon retrospective, 40 Years of Dreams, which aired on NBC Sports. In early November, I was contacted again by IRONMAN to provide narration for the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship on NBC. Unlike 40 Years of Dreams, it was essential to record my narration at NBC Sports studios in Stamford, Connecticut. So, I jumped back on a plane and headed for New York.

The warmest of welcomes.

With IRONMAN and NBC Sports, I had the good fortune to work with a team of people who are as passionate and as talented as any I’ve ever worked with. In the atrium, the recent Sports Emmy Awards reminded me of the greatness I was working with, and in the midst of. No pressure.

NBC’s Sports Emmy Awards, filling the display case.

After a day in studio, my narration contributed to a project you can see for yourself: the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship on NBC, airing on Saturday, November 24th at 3:30pm CST (check your local listings for details). I hope you enjoy it.

For as many projects as I produce from my home studio, I’m also available for projects like those described above. If you have a need for an in person celebrity impressionist, announcer, or emcee, I’m happy to discuss how I can help. For creative projects requiring my unique skillset, let’s talk – I’m always excited by new possibilities. And for recording sessions which require onsite narration, contact me to get the ball rolling.