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Celebrity Voice Match Demos

Looking for a particular celebrity voice match or likeness? Check out my celebrity voice match demos below to hear just some of my favorite voice impressions.

Jeff Goldblum – Quirky, intellectual, humorous, inquisitive character voice.  Whimsical, amusing, eccentric mature male.


Matthew McConaughey – Approachable, inspirational, warm, motivational voice.  Texas accent, thoughtful, sexy, country, relaxed character.


David Attenborough – Nature documentary voice.  Older British male, sophisticated, aged, calm and familiar narrator style.


Sam Elliott  – Deep, manly, Texas accent narration voice.  Blue collar attitude, grizzled, easy-going character.  Rugged, relatable and tough.


Barack Obama – Measured, presidential, uplifting, articulate and charismatic voice.  Historical figure voice.  Thoughtful, personable and iconic.


Liev Schreiber – Sports documentary narrator voice.  Intellectual, articulate, straight-forward.  Genuine and professional.


John Madden – Iconic football play-by-play voice.  Playful, jovial, folksy, excitable and enthusiastic.  Sports figure voice.


Jon Hamm – Articulate, white-collar, confident, and sophisticated professional voice.  Attractive, smooth, sophisticated characters.


Morgan Freeman – Voice of God, intellectual, dramatic, trustworthy, and motivational professional voice.  Inspirational narration, confident and soothing.


Paul Harvey – Old time radio, folksy, trustworthy, mature, believable, and pragmatic professional voice.


Liam Neeson – Masculine, confident, Irish accented voice.  Grizzled, intimidating, tough and serious action movie character.


Patrick Stewart – Noble, theatrical, mature British male voice.  Shakespearean styles, science fiction, superhero character.


Donald Sutherland – Thoughtful, soft, mature male voice.  Deep, intellectual, charming narration style.


Winston Churchill – Authoritative, decisive, historical figure voice. Retro sound, can be adjusted for accuracy or clarity of diction.


Arnold Schwarzenegger – Powerful, strong, bold attitude and manly voice.  Exaggerated and over-the-top characters.  Austrian accent, action movie voice. 


Christopher Walken – Quirky, off-beat character voice.  Enthusiastic, wacky, amusing and creepy.  Forceful and cool older male voice.


Jerry Seinfeld – Iconic stand-up comedian voice.  Excitable, animated, New Yorker.  Observational, humorous, funny character.


David Letterman – Funny, playful, iconic late night talk show host voice.  Quirky, silly, and humorous top ten list character.  


Gary Sinise – Articulate, respectful, patriotic narration voice.  Military related characters.  Honorable and commanding, believable and mature male voice.


Donald Trump – Aggressive, authoritative, antagonistic historic voice.  Edgy and forceful, excitable and exaggerated presidential character.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Heroic, deep, athletic, masculine voice.  Pompous, cocky, tough, arrogant characters.


Will Lyman – Deep, articulate, professional and informative narration.  Deadpan, flat, measured approach.


Michael Douglas – White collar, gritty, self-absorbed characters.  Narration featuring aged male voice, slightly raspy, mature and measured.


Ian McShane – Gruff, grizzled, intimidating characters.  Mature British voice, authority, aggressive and ominous.  Western characters, medieval and fantasy characters.


Richard Dreyfus – Friendly and relatable mature male narrator.  Mid-range, authentic, engaging storyteller.