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Liev Schreiber

Chicago Steel Voice Overs

As a hockey fan, I love providing narration for the USHL’s Chicago Steel . As their YouTube bio says, they’re the “Dopest non-NHL franchise in…

Promo and Documentary Voice Over for TV

Match Your Favorite Voice Style for Any Television or Film Project In recent years, I’ve provided promo and documentary voice over for NBC Sports (…

Parody Film Narration

Parody Film Narration

Apr 23 2021

Of all the voice acting projects I work on, some of my favorites are parody films and shorts. Parody film narration, like  Hard Knocks: NFL…

Celebrity Voice Match Demos

Looking for a particular celebrity voice match or likeness? Check out my celebrity voice match demos below to hear just some of my favorite voice…

Liev Schreiber / Hard Knocks

I was hired by the NFL to provide a Liev Schreiber voicematch for the NFL Hard Knocks – The Mascots parody video.

NBC Sports Voice Over

NBC Sports Voice Over

Jul 17 2018

Here’s a taste of the narration piece I recently provided for the NBC Sports presentation of Ironman: 40 Years of Dreams.  This hour long special…