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Upgraded Equipment, Better Sound!

Price, quality and speed of completion.  They say you can’t expect to get the best of all three in a free-market society, but dang if I’m not going to try to do it for my customers.  I already deliver most commercial work within 48 hours, and my pricing is quite affordable for small businesses on a budget – but a few weeks ago, I decided another equipment upgrade was in order.  Not that my equipment was shoddy in the first place, but I knew there was something I could do to produce an even better sound.

I hired Fredrick Hanson, a brilliant sound engineer here in Madison, and after analyzing my set-up, studio acoustics and processing, he gave me a shopping list, some ideas for improvements and a few tips to adjust my acoustics.  I snagged a sweet Focustrite Scarlett pre-amp, played around a bit with some post-production options and found some sweet new acoustic installations.  I couldn’t be happier with my sound – and new clients since I made the improvements have been very happy with it too!

If you’d like a short sample read on your commercial script, or if you have a project in the works and want to discuss pricing and availability, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.  I’m always taking on new work – and look forward to speaking with you.