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Retro Announcer Voice Over

A few months ago, the awesome guys at Paperlyte contacted me and asked if I could replicate a retro announcer voice over in two different styles – reminiscent of the intro to the old “Six Million Dollar Man” series.  First, the NASA control room guy and secondly, something similar to Oscar Goldman’s dialogue in the opening sequence of the show.

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

Now, I was born the same year this show came out, but after watching a few clips on YouTube, I was up to speed and on board!

The project was a launch video for BMX athlete Tom Dugan’s new and improved signature bike frame.  Pretty cool stuff!  Tom’s a crazy dude (as you’ll see in the video) – and the guys at Paperlyte did a great job from beginning to end.  I loved how it turned out.

If you’re looking for a specific sound in your next voice over project, a retro feel, a slightly different take on an existing piece, or a style to match your brand – don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote.