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Jason’s Voices featured on NBC 15

Between voice over projects today, I was paid a visit by Lindsay Branwall of Madison’s NBC 15.  We had a nice chat, and Lindsay took some footage (which reminds me I need to go on a diet).  She put together a wonderfully concise story about who I am and what I do.  She’s pretty awesome – and so are the other folks at NBC 15.

Thanks in no small part to the popularity of the “Obama Plays…” series from Game Society Pimps, I’ve been rather busy lately, so it was nice to take a bit of a break (and talk about me).


If you’re looking for affordable, professional voice acting – with a flair (Lindsay said I have flair) for flexibility and an ear for character, please get in touch with me.  I’m fast, easy to work with, and I’m always taking on new clients.