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Role Playing Podcast

I’m really excited to share a role playing podcast project I’m a part of called Rated RPG. Specifically, Rated RPG – Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus. You can read all about Rated RPG through that link to the Podbean page, but the core idea is that it’s an edited, episodal, comedic, role playing podcast – featuring me and four very dear friends who all happen to be very talented improv and stand-up comedians, content creators, and performers. And with the exception of one of us, we’ve all been playing D&D a very long time.

I’ve been a Dungeons & Dragons fan since I discovered the game in 1993. Since then, I’ve not had as many opportunities to play as I would have liked. But with the release of the game’s fifth edition ruleset and source material, I was able to bring friends together for long-running home games. From there, I was finally able to get some old friends back together at the gaming table for an entire campaign. We’re playing an entire D&D published adventure, starting from level one.

What does this have to do with voice acting?

Dungeons & Dragons was my first exposure to improvisation and character building. Even before I trained and performed as a professional improviser with ComedySportz and Monkey Business Institute, I was pretending I was a gnome thief or a forgetful wizard in somebody’s parent’s basement. Long before I started working as a voice actor professionally in 2012, I learned to jump into roles and understand someone else’s motivations and perspectives. That’s all very helpful stuff as a voice actor. Plus, when I’m in-character within the game, I use the character’s voice.

I’m also the editor and producer of the podcast audio.

This isn’t the first time I’ve explored the connection between role playing games and voice acting. In 2018, I produced a short audio series called Dungeons & Dragons & Dorks. In that series, I portrayed a number of celebrities playing the game. It featured Dungeon Master Jeff Goldblum, along with players Christopher Walken, Danny Trejo, Patrick Stewart, and Liam Neeson. The series was a fun way to share my skill set as an impressionist, as well as my love for the game Dungeons & Dragons. The series ended abruptly on a bit of a cliffhanger, but it was a really fun project while I had the time to do it.

Check out all five episodes (edited together for your pleasure)

If you are a fantasy role playing fan, or if you simply enjoy stories with strong characters, I encourage you to give Rated RPG – Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus a listen.

PS – it’s NSFW. The podcast contains swearing, descriptions of fantasy violence, the struggle between good and evil, the occasional adult situation, and more swearing.