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Obama Impression (Horrible Lip Reading)

I recently teamed with a very good friend (and brilliant musician) to create an homage to “Bad Lip Reading”, using my impression of Barack Obama and Brandon’s skill (or lack of it) at reading lips.  Obama Impression (Horrible Lip Reading) is a piece featuring my voice from beginning to end – along with some stock video footage which we felt fit the mood of the piece.

I really like how my Obama impression has evolved over the last few years – and I have a college student in the Philippines to thank for it.  About a year ago, he sent me an email to ask if I’d like to have my voices analyzed for accuracy.  He was working on a project, focusing on impersonators and how they dial voices in.  Thanks to his work, we discovered that my Obama impression was a tiny bit higher register than it should be.  I dropped the range a bit, and viola!  I think it’s in a good spot since.

In fact, since I was featured on, IGN, Kotaku, and Reddit for “Obama Plays Titanfall” (which is approaching 2 million views) – in my opinion, I’ve gotten even better.

The only downside to having a great presidential impersonation is that there may not be much of a call for it after 2016.  So, for now, I’m going to keep having some fun with it.  And, as always, I’m available to discuss uses you and your organization may have for parody voice overs and other such projects.

Oh, and you should check out Bad Lip Reading, if you’re not already familiar.  They’re amazing.