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Morgan Freeman Reads a Menu – The Tonight Show

Sometimes when Morgan Freeman is in the news, The Tonight Show writers capitalize on it with a joke in Jimmy Fallon’s monologue.  On previous occasions, I’ve been asked to provide my version of Mr. Freeman’s voice for those monologue pieces.

First, there was the time that Morgan had to land his plane after electrical problems (complete with cockpit voice recording of him narrating his own situation).  Several months later, Mr. Freeman revealed that he frequently uses marijuana (with accompanying stoned outtakes from “The March of the Penguins”).

This past Friday, a new request came in from The Tonight Show – and it became my third “appearance” on the show.  It’s a fun bit in which Morgan Freeman reads a menu, and I was like a giddy kid watching it when it aired Friday night!

Thanks to The Tonight Show writers, casting, and Jimmy Fallon – for making this doughy, dorky voice dude’s day once again!