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100 Voices In 100 Days

The last few months have been really exciting!  Aside from the usual projects, I’ve been tackling a lot of new voice matches for movie trailer and motion picture ADR use.  They’re often rush auditions, and much of the time, they’re not voices I’ve done previously.  Understandably so, they’re not all perfect.  But it’s been great exercise for my existing skills – to hear a new voice (and sometimes only a few words of that voice) and immediately dial it in for recording.

It got me thinking about the challenge of it.  I had already created a list of those voices I consider my “best” twenty or thirty – but could I create a list of all the voices I can perform?

That’s where things start to get interesting.

After a few days of jotting down voices as they occurred to me, I was able to list 82 voices which range from “pretty good” to “spot on”.  But 82 is a weird number.  So, I thought, “all I need is 18 more and I’ve got 100!”.  So, that’s how I landed on 100 voices.

I thought about doing a single video, showcasing all 100 – or even five videos featuring 20 each – but they’d be absurdly long videos.  Plus, I wasn’t keen on the video aspect of it.  I mean, watching me make voices sort of betrays the audio illusion.  So, I won’t be doing that.

Instead, I’m opting for a 100 day challenge – in which I’ll feature one voice each weekday, recorded within an entertaining premise.  And to include friends and fans, I’m also running polls via Twitter to determine the “funniest premise” for each of the 100 voices.  So far, day one and two are decided.  On March 1st, you’ll hear Winston Churchill confused by hammers, and on March 2nd, Cee Lo Green will be rolling up a D&D character.

These pieces will be audio only, so you’ll be able to visualize the bit as you hear it.  And when the premise calls for it, I may add a bit of production to flesh out the idea.

I think you’ll really like these – and they’ll be fun for me, too!

If you have any ideas for celebrities or characters for the list – or premises which may be entertaining, feel free to let me know!