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Product Comparison Video Narration

The guys at Fstoppers hired me recently to give their latest camera comparison video a cool parody twist.  If you’re interested in digital photography, as a pro or amateur enthusiast, this video could be really helpful (in addition to being pretty entertaining).  My contribution begins at 7:25, and I voice a short wrap up near the end of the video (the context is covered in the rest of the video).

I really love the way they incorporated my skills in a fun way, and their whole video is packed with more entertainment than 99% of similar videos.  Corporate videos don’t have to be boring or stiff to convey legitimate points.  In fact, if you present information in a more entertaining way, your viewers (or audience, if the video is being shown live at a trade show or product launch) will pay more attention to what you’re saying.  They’ll retain more of the information, and be more likely to subscribe to your channel or follow your social media.  Being fun is not a detriment to your standing as an expert or leader in a field – provided you do it right.

If you’d like to chat about using my voice or voices in a corporate video project, be it a workplace safety video, instructional video, or explanation piece – I’d love to help.