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Hotdog Hans 1 & 2

For well over a decade, I’ve been known as a professional impersonator – and I’ve never used AI to do it. I’ve provided ADR (dialogue replacement) for dozens of film trailers. I’ve “appeared” as famous voices on The Tonight Show over a dozen times. Behind the scenes, I’ve been a placeholder voice for commercial and corporate pitches (Matthew McConaughey, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Jeff Goldblum, to name a few).

In 2021, I worked with Vital Films and professional skier Alex Ferreira to narrate the comedic “undercover” parody Hotdog Hans. In this short film, Alex takes on the persona of a disgraced former “king of the mountain”, and thanks to the phenomenal make-up and prosthetic work of Colorado’s BaPoFX, Alex looked the part too. You’ll find that video at the bottom of this page. Warning, some language in it is NSFW.

This year, with Alex in the 2022 Winter Olympics and the world in need of a good laugh, Hotdoggin’ Hans has returned! The sequel features some fantastic music, amazing skiing, and yours truly as the soothing voice of God narrator. While there is some content in the sequel which may be considered NSFW, the story is one of redemption – although I don’t know how much effort Hans is putting into redeeming himself.