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Educational Outdoor Trail Guide

One of the coolest projects I’ve had the privilege of being a part of over the years is the X-Trails App and Solar System Trails. It’s a downloadable, educational outdoor trail guide that puts users into a virtual audio tour of the Earth, the Solar System, our atmosphere, and much more. A series of guided tours exist in the Solar System Trails app, and feature my voices (and those of my good friend Karen Moeller). Through fun characters, we guide you through the layers of the Earth, accompany you on a comet’s journey through our solar system, and take you a mission to Saturn, as well as other adventures for all ages.

There are no adds on the app, no user information is recorded by the app, and it’s free! Find it in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In addition, physical trails that work in tandem with Solar System Trails have been installed in Ireland, Colorado, and New Jersey, with others locations in the works. With more and more communities looking to add free, family-friendly activities to their parks and green spaces, the Solar System Trails project is just getting started!

If you’re looking for an educational outdoor trail guide voice over, or a narrator for a public audio tour, a self-guided tour, or similar project, get in touch with me!