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Happy Birthday Goat

First question:  Why did I create a Happy Birthday Goat?

Answer: My wife says that goats creep her out.  It’s their “devil-eyes and people-teeth” she finds unsettling.  I’m amused by her goat-related concerns, and thought that a special goat video would be fun.

This cute goat is not the goat in the Birthday Goat Video. This goat is notably cuter. Photo by Sergio Souza on Unsplash.


As luck would have it, goats are widely accessible at a number of children’s zoos and similar attractions in our area, and since we’re the parents of young children, she gets to explore her goat-related feelings with regularity.  As for me, I don’t mind goats.  So, I created a short video which you can share with loved ones when they’re experiencing a birthday.  I’ll be sharing this with my wife, every year, until the end of time.