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Vlog Voice Over

If you’re a vlogger, content creator, or film maker, adding a professional voice over to your projects can enhance your final product.  I’ve provided VO for dozens of creators, adding a splash of something new to their work, without overshadowing it.  I’d love to discuss doing your Vlog voice over!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Just this morning, I produced a short celebrity evocation to introduce the new video from travel vlogger/filmmaker Sam Kolder.  His work is incredible.  He and his crew put you smack in the middle of an adrenaline pumping, beat thumping, cultural kaleidoscope with every video.  Sam’s vlogs are essentially postcards to his friends from his journeys, and what I feel makes them special is the intimate vibe of his narration.  He’s one of the absolute best at what he does.  Over one million followers live vicariously through Sam on Instagram, and over half-as many subscribe to his YouTube channel to see his latest adventures.  In doing so, Sam is an invaluable asset to the tourism industry in many locations around the world.

Sam contacted me back in July to get a sense for my work flow, process, and pricing.  Naturally, I responded as quickly as possible.  Then, after receiving the script this morning, I was able to turn the vlog voice over around within an hour.  His latest video “A Week in Brazil” was released today, and begins with a tasty “celebrity evocation” by yours truly.

I’m honored to have been a (very) tiny part of it.  Contact me if you’d like to talk about voice over for your project!