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Sports Voice Over Demo

My name is Jason Stephens, and I’m voice artist based in Madison, Wisconsin.  I’ve been a full-time, professional voice actor since 2012, and one of my specialties is bringing a gritty intensity and rich vocal tone to sports related voice overs.

In the area of sports, I’ve provided multiple voice overs for the NFL.  I’ve also voiced projects for NBC Sports, Florida State University, the University of Nebraska and other athletic organizations.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash
  • I’m experienced, professional, and I love doing great work
  • I record daily from a custom-built home studio
  • I’m often available on short notice, Monday through Friday
  • My turnaround time on most projects is within 48 hours
If a need arises for a male voice, in the range of 30 years and up – or specifically, a sports-stylized read – I would love to send you an audition for your consideration.  Contact me, and let’s talk.