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Day 93 – John Lithgow Is A Bird Guy

To start with, I’m pretty proud of my John Lithgow impression.  I’ve enjoyed his work for a long time and have dabbled in mimicking him a bit (he was one of my favorite seasonal villains on the show Dexter).  Unfortunately, I ran out of luck when the weather took a turn just after I entered the studio.  The sound dampening just can’t suppress thunder.  Nonetheless, everything turned out great.

Over ninety-three days of the 100 Voices project, I’ve learned that practice is often hasty and sometimes non-existent.  I’ve conceived many of the pieces in the booth, while recording.  Some have been born from frustration over not hitting the right notes on a planned voice, while others have been abandoned altogether.   Through it all, I’ve enjoyed pushing myself to be great in the moment.  They say that to create, you must fail constantly.

Maybe the lesson here is that when you make safe choices, you feel less emotion about the end result.

Enjoy today’s episode: John Lithgow is a bird guy.