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Day 94 – Denzel Washington Ties a Tie

I don’t do anything particularly noble in my line of work.  I don’t race into burning buildings to rescue children, nor work tirelessly to cure cancer, nor chase into the unknown to thwart the evils of mankind (on a purely philosophical level, maybe that last one is partially true).  What I do is imitate people, like in today’s episode, featuring my Denzel Washington impression.

But, even though life and limb aren’t hinging on my daily actions, there are some neat challenges to my profession.  For example; I’m regularly asked to match a voice I’ve never attempted before.  Sometimes, I’ve got to match their voice – and their exact cadence, tone, energy, and emotion.  The terms RUSH, HOT RUSH, SUPER HOT RUSH, and HOT HOT RUSH (followed by a series of exclamation points) are regular descriptors in the subject line of ADR audition and scratch requests.

Again, not heroic stuff – but it’s a great reminder that you need to be ready for anything, regardless of who you are and what you do to make a buck.  Resilience is one of the best traits anyone can have.  It works in nearly any line of work, and under most circumstances outside of your work life.  If you can bend with the wind, you won’t break so easily.

Last night, as I was winding down my studio work for the evening, I got another SUPER HOT RUSH email.  This one was asking if I did a Denzel Washington impression.   I hadn’t really up to that point, but ya gotta be resilient.  Day 94 of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project:  Denzel Washington ties a tie.