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Day 74 – Michael Caine Works The Drive-Through

Michael Caine recently appeared on a TV chat show in the UK.  The host told him that he was one of the most impersonated celebrities on the planet.  Michael didn’t seem surprised.  “I do one of me too!”, he added, before breaking into an exaggerated impersonation of himself.  It was perfection.  My Michael Caine impression is pretty basic.  I’ve not taken the time to dive into specific pronunciations, vocal hooks, cadence or even tone.  If Michael Caine’s impression of himself was an Italian grandmother’s hand-made pasta and lovingly-prepared marinara (from tomatoes and herbs she picked this morning from her garden), then my Michael Caine impression would come in a dented can from the shelf below Spaghetti-O’s.

But, I digress.

Today’s episode of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project is here for your amusement:  Michael Caine works the drive-through.