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Day 38 – Sir Ian McKellen Is Your Waiter

I set up a short-run poll via Twitter, asking my followers to vote on today’s premise.  I wanted to do my Sir Ian McKellen impression for a while now, but just needed a good concept.  Mainstream film fans may know Sir Ian as Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, or as Magneto from the X-Men franchise (the more mature Magneto, not the younger version, played by Michael Fassbender).  The choices included “Sir Ian McKellen is your waiter” and “Sir Ian McKellen sings Twisted Sister”.  I admit, I really wanted to have him singing Twisted Sister – so when a follower named Karn suggested I should tie them together, I was sold.  SO, for Day 38, I present:

Sir Ian McKellen Is Your Waiter (at a Twisted Sister themed restaurant).

I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to Dee Snider and Twisted Sister for the great music, and for not suing me.