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Day 37 – Aaron Paul Delivers a Baby

It’s kind of fitting that my Aaron Paul impression is featured on 4/20.  I’m definitely feeling like I’m in the weeds on this one.

Puns aside, I do actually feel a little overwhelmed – like I bit off a bit more than I can chew (and with 63 days remaining, geesh).  Fortunately, I can always count on my Facebook and Twitter friends to come through in a pinch.  I asked who I should feature today, and my friend Tara suggested Aaron Paul.  Like many of the voices I’ve featured so far, I’ve got zero practice with Aaron’s voice – but being a Breaking Bad fan (and after reviewing some interview footage), I jumped into the booth and went with it.  It’s not perfect – but it works.

Because I’m a professional voice fellow (and this is my professional website), I feel the need to add a disclaimer:
Aaron Paul’s propensity (both in the Jesse Pinkman character and in life) to use the word “bitch” as a casual form of punctuation is evident in today’s episode.  I did not bleep it.  I have, in previous episodes, bleeped other vulgarities – but I just didn’t like how this sounded with the bleeps.  So, if you’re unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, keep in mind that I’m an actor (sort of), acting (sort of) like an actor’s acting.

On a more exciting note, I took the time today to make an inventory of which celebrity impersonations I’ve yet to do – and which ones I’m confident about – and have slated out 30 of the remaining 63 voices!  And I’m really looking forward to sharing them.  I’ll be running some more polls through Twitter to determine scenarios too!