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Day 36 – Matt Damon Sneezes

Day 36!  Over a third of the way through the 100 Voices in 100 Days project!  Today’s episode features my Matt Damon impression – such as it is.

I’ll admit I was in a hurry to get this up, so I didn’t tenderly caress the Damon nuances from my gizzard (as I typically would).  I also had endured a seasonal-allergy fueled sneezing fit just moments prior to recording (hence, I was inspired for today’s scenario too).  This isn’t an excuse.  I actually thought it might sound totally legit, since my sinuses feel exactly how Matt Damon’s sinuses feel after he sneezes.

Of course, if you’re a huge Matt Damon fan, you’ll probably hear it and think, “Nah, bro.  Your Damon is hitting your alveolar ridge a bit too light on your hard consonants” – and really, how do you argue with that?  You can’t.  It’s science.

But how do you know if you’re a huge Matt Damon fan?  Simple.  If you have a Matt Damon life-size cutout, you are a huge Matt Damon fan.