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Day 39 – Andy Richter Plants a Tree

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve incorporated the environmentally-conscious act of planting a tree into today’s episode.  I’ve also incorporated an environmentally-conscious Andy Richter into the episode, as the one who is planting the tree.  I’m really happy with how it turned out – considering I hadn’t previously done an Andy Richter impression (nor did I set out to do one today).

I was actually planning on doing Harrison Ford.  But unfortunately, my throat/voice is a bit wonky due to the start of a cold or allergies – and I was having some difficulty dialing Harrison in.  I watched a few recent Harrison Ford interviews to help get my voice in the right spot, but it just wasn’t working out.  As YouTube does, there was a list of “suggested for you” videos down the right panel of the page, and the top video was a Zac Efron interview.

After a few minutes trying to dial in Zac Efron, I realized he was going to require a bit more time than I had – but the interview was about the upcoming sequel to Neighbors, co-starring Seth Rogan.  That’s when I watched a few moments of Seth Rogan on Conan, and I was having such a rough freaking time with his voice too!

That’s when I heard the voice of my angel, Andy Richter.  He illuminated my path and inspired me to complete today’s episode.

I hope that you enjoy it.