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Day 31 – Wilford Brimley Attends a Rave

Prior to becoming an actor, Wilford Brimley dropped out of high school to join the United States Marine Corps – and from there, his career took a winding road.  He worked as a bodyguard for eccentric aviation tycoon, Howard Hughes.  He worked as a ranch hand and blacksmith, eventually entering the Hollywood film industry as a horse wrangler – shoeing horses for Western films.  Upon urging from his good friend, Robert Duvall, Brimley became a stunt-man – before settling into his career as an actor.

The bushy mustache and stern advice to “check your blood sugar” may be two of the most iconic things about Wilford Brimley for many people, but let’s not forget he has also competed in the World Series of Poker Main Event – and is said to play the heck out of a harmonica.  He’s a really amazing guy.

That said, my friend Nikki suggested that it might be interesting if Wilford Brimley were to attend a rave.  So, we’ll forget all that stuff I just said and focus on the grouchy old guy persona for Day 31 of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project.  Enjoy!