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Day 30 – Russell Crowe Goes to the Dentist

Closing in on a third of the way to my 100 Voices in 100 Days, today’s episode features my Russell Crowe impression.  He hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, which is why I picked him for today.  Russell Crowe has been one of my favorite actors for years.  I loved him in Gladiator, the role he won an Oscar for in 2000 – but not long ago, he revealed something very bizarre in an interview.

He said he could not recall ever meeting Michael Jackson – but Crowe says Jackson used his connections to discover the alias Crowe used when staying in hotels.  And he would use that information to prank call him.  Russell said that Michael’s calls (typically very late at night) would often consist of him using a gruff voice, and saying, “this is the hotel, you have to leave your room” – or asking if Mr. or Mrs. Wall was there, and then when told “no”, he would giggle and say, “Then what is holding up the ceiling?!”  According to Russell Crowe, Michael always wanted a quick chat after the initial prank – and Crowe usually obliged.  Apparently, this went on for several years.

Today’s premise is not as entertaining as that audio (if it exists) would be – but it’s one that most of us are familiar with.  I won’t reveal anything else, other than to say that there’s no drill sounds or other annoying mouth noises (at least as far as I’m concerned).  Enjoy!