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Day 29 – Elvis Raps

Late in his career, Elvis showed an affinity for performing popular songs from other artists.  Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel), Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond), Yesterday (The Beatles), My Way (Frank Sinatra), and many more.  And even after Elvis’ death in 1977, many Elvis impersonators even enhanced their careers by including songs in their acts which were hits decades after Elvis was gone.  My Elvis Presley impersonation is kind of like a kid who builds a spaceship out of a cardboard box.  It’s cute, and you can definitely see how it’s a spaceship – but there are legitimate spaceships out there, which function as a spaceship should.  My hat is off to all the super-talented Elvis impersonators doing their thing and wowing crowds from Vegas to Branson.  Mostly Branson, but kudos regardless.

Now, that said, another musical talent gone much too soon is 2Pac.  And while this isn’t meant to be a tribute to him (it’s Dr. Dre’s part anyway), it’s kind of fitting that two deceased artists, both legends in their respective genres, are represented in my stupid blog post where I butcher everything that was amazing about both of them in the span of sixty seconds.  Because art.