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101 Voices in 101 Days

If you’re not familiar with me or what I do, I’m Jason Stephens and I’m a voice actor.  I’ve provided narration for the NFL, video game trailers, film trailers, and I’ve provided both Morgan Freeman and Barack Obama impressions for bits on The Tonight Show.  While I’ve produced hundreds of projects in my own voice (and variations of it), my specialty is voice matching.  Some call them impersonations, impressions, or soundalikes.  Some of them required a LOT of practice to get them where they need to be, and others are pretty good right out of the chute.  But, because most of my voice matching is for film trailers (and they’re often in a hurry to get the audio), I’ve had to become skilled at matching a voice with no practice at all.

In March 1st of 2016, I began a daily challenge called “100 Voices in 100 Days”.  The rules were simple.  Every weekday, I would put up a new blog post featuring a new celebrity impersonation.  These were improvised (or written) as short bits, sometimes produced to replicate film trailers or a sitcom – for example:  Day 65, Michael Douglas Inherits a Goat, and Day 87, Danny Trejo Tries Oreo Mega Stuff.  Some were more elaborate than others, but you get the idea.

Aside from a few days here and there in which I forgot to post one or took a day off, holidays, and a week of vacation – I was putting up a new post every weekday from March 1st through August 1st.  You can look through the whole list of 100 Voices in 100 Days here.

That challenge forced me to be creative when I didn’t feel like it.  It pushed me to find recognizable voices which I’d never tried.  It made my friends laugh and often brightened my own day.

When it concluded, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I enjoyed not having this daily promise to fulfill, and being able to focus that time on other things.  But, after trying out a few other ideas, I realized how much I missed the daily challenge.  I missed being creative in that way.  I missed having something fun to share.

So, as you may have assumed from the title of this post, I’ll be starting a new challenge on Friday, September 1st.

The 101 Voices in 101 Days

The rules are a bit different this time around.  I’ll revisit bits from the previous challenge (with links to the original).  You’ll hear more heavily produced bits (fake film trailers and songs), and bits that have multiple episode story arcs.  It’ll be more like a 1-2 minute long daily podcast this time around.

Minus holidays, and a few days off, the 101 Voices in 101 Days will conclude in early February, 2018.  I really hope you enjoy it!